Gases & Instrumentation Mag Announces the Winners of Golden Gas Awards 2012

Gases & Instrumentation International Magazine announced the Winners of the 2012 Golden Gas Awards.  Gases & Instrumentation International Magazine is a premiere publication covering the technology of industrial, specialty and medical gases, announce the winners of the 2012 Golden Gas Awards.

This time each product has been rated on its capability to solve an important challenge to the gas industry:

  • technological innovativeness;
  • environmental “green” attributes;
  • superior specifications in terms of power requirements,
  • speed, maintenance, cost effectiveness, and
  • other quality considerations.

Press Statement

 Paul Nesdore, G&I’s Publisher stated that, “I seem to be repeating myself, but each year the judging becomes more difficult, as the products reach even higher pinnacles of technological excellence and sophistication. This is the finest array of products we have ever witnessed. Our judges, representing decades of experience in the technology of gases, had hard choices to make among a large group of products representing the cutting-edge of technology and implementation.”

The May/June 2012 print issue will picture all of the winners accepting their awards and a description of the winning products. In between readers can check out


Company: Tiger Optics

Award Category: Gas Analysis & Detection

Product Name: Laser Trace3

Company: Mettler-Toledo

Award Category: Gas Analysis & Detection

Product Name: GPro™ 500

Company: Air Products

Award Category: Gas Filtration & Purification

Product Name: On-Site White Ammonia Plants

Company: Brooks Instrument

Award Category: Gas Flow Measurement and Control

Product Name: SolidSense® II Pressure Transmitter

Company: Brooks Instrument

Award Category: Software

Product Name: Smart Interface Model 0260

Company: Brooks Instrument

Award Category: Vacuum Technology

Product Name: XacTorr™ Vacuum Capacitance Manometer

Company: RASIRC®

Award Category: Specialty Gas Delivery Systems

Product Name: Steamer Turbo

Company: Applied Energy Systems

Award Category: Gas Handling

Product Name: Xturion™ Hybrix

Company: Swagelok

Award Category: Gas System Components

Product Name: Swagelok® DE Series Springless Diaphragm Valve

Company: Parker-Balston Analytical Gas Systems

Award Category: Gas Generation

Product Name: NitroFlow 60

Many Many Congratulations to Winners of Golden Gases Awards 2012 

Courtesy: GASMAG


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