Linde Group Expands Paragon Window


According to latest buzz in the media corner, Industrial gases major Linde Group is planning to rollout its Paragon routing & scheduling software. This time company is going with around 50 countries across the globe that will help to manage distribution of industrial & therapeutic gases worldwide.

Paragon is initially rolling out the software to Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia and Chile, with further installations in the Baltics, South Africa, Hong Kong and Benelux coming in early 2012.

Software is built with license extension that can deploy on a major operation of Paragon had been announced in March 2010, which especially looked Linde’ operations in Europe, the Nordic regions and Australia and New Zealand implement Paragon for transport planning, including daily dynamic routing. Newly proposed licence will help Linde group to centrally connect the software with IS network & can access through a Citrix link.

Press Statement 

Martyn Stretch, Global Transport Manager for Linde’s cylinder business says:

“Paragon is the routing software of choice for Linde cylinder business globally. It is integral to the efficiency of our gas cylinder business and we have proven that the software is the best choice for producing optimised delivery routes and schedules. With this new licence, we now have the opportunity to roll out the software to all our sites worldwide from centrally hosted servers within our IS network and accessed through a Citrix link. Paragon has proven to be a reliable supplier and has been supportive to our goal of continually improving our gas delivery operations.  

“The new licence gives our logistics teams around the world the ability to use and benefit from Paragon’s superior transport planning capabilities, which ultimately will boost service levels. With so many of our sites worldwide now using Paragon software, we have full confidence in the system and can vouch for the company’s support during implementation and afterwards, together with the excellent training it provides,” he adds.


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