Air Liquide Went to Start New ASU in Geismar US

Courtesy: Airliquide Website

After the acquisition cum expansion in Georgia, now Air Liquide has announced another start-up of new ASU. This new ASU will be constructed by Air Liquide Large Industries U.S LP at its facility in Geismar, La. According to earlier comments came from the company, the purpose to start new ASU just for the increase in the supply of Nitrogen, oxygen & argon among large range of customers in nearby industries, varying from refineries, natural gas, chemicals, and metals.

Air Liquide new production unit has increased the site’s production capacity, enabling Air Liquide to support the customer base while further supporting industrial growth and economic development in Louisiana.

Press Statement

Michael Graff, president and CEO of American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc., commented: “Air Liquide is very pleased to announce the expansion of our business in Louisiana, a state that prides itself on having one of the best business climates in the nation. Our new ASU in Geismar is a sound investment that will serve Air Liquide, our customers, and the people of Louisiana well into the future. Air Liquide is proud to be a driver of industrial growth and job creation throughout the region.”

In December 2011, Air Liquide had announced its agreement to supply Nucor Steel’s new Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) facility in Convent. These new products from ASU are being delivered to customers via ground transportation and through Air Liquide’s extensive Mississippi River Pipeline system. Company’s air separation units are connected to the pipeline, supplying industrial gases to more than 30 customers along the Mississippi River.

The Geismar complex also includes a Hydrogen Purification Unit (HPU), a Cogeneration plant that supplies approximately 80 percent of the electricity used to power the facility, and a transportation depot — Air Liquide’s largest in the U.S. in terms of output – Air Liquide  


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