Air Products to Expand in Diversified Service Offering

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The leading Gas Manufacturer & Supplier Air Products plans to expand its presence from gases to CryoEase segment. Company has just started focusing on CryoEase service offering.

CryoEase service is an exclusively designed by keeping the customer in mind to provide a cost-effective, reliable and convenient alternative to traditional gas storage systems. Here company offers the innovative Maxitank solution that enables the gap between traditional consumption patterns and cylinder deliveries.

CryoEase – An Innovative Offering

Maxitank is connected to a telemetry system, which provides Air Products with up-to-the-minute tank levels. The tank stores high-purity liquefied gas and is often selected to replace cylinders or bulk tanks and is suitable for gas use of between 15 m3/h and 100 m3/h for a more efficient operation. It is predominantly useful when cylinder supply is rendered unfeasible and unsafe. According to company officials, CryoEase service is to capitalize on delivery efficiencies and asset use, and to provide a complete gas management solution to customers in the various serving markets. Maxitanks are filled by an Air Products-introduced Orca delivery vehicle. Standard road tankers are not equipped to fill both high- and low-pressure bulk systems and Maxitanks. Each Orca delivery vehicle is having elimination & contamination channel.

Press Statement

Current company facing few technical challenges in guaranteeing security of gas supply for industry through the Maxi-tank, says Lombard Business Manager, CryoEase. Meanwhile, Lombard says there is a major skills shortage within the gas industry. The company supports selected students during their studies through on-the-job training. A small percentage of the students are then employed by the company on a permanent basis. (Courtesy: Engineering News)

Looking as prospective demands in the rising Industrial gases segment, company closely focuses on positivity to cater this market. Recently, company collaborated with Southern African Welding Institute to provide exposure for students in this respective market.


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