Praxair America Awards Distribution Contract to Navteq Collaboration

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North American Industrial Gas major, Praxair awarded fleet transportation & distribution contract to Navteq. Navteq won the contract in collaboration with Planifi-K is already providing services for Fleet Transportation & distribution in the region.

Planifi-K is an Argentina-based consulting firm specializing in logistical planning and an official strategic partner of Roadnet Technologies (ex- UPS Logistics Technologies). Praxair is going to use Navteq map data of Argentina and Roadnet Technologies software to optimize their fleet transportation and distribution services.According to Praxair, this newly implemented fleet transportation and distribution solution is used across a variety of industries such as steel, food and beverage, consumer electronic devices and healthcare.

NAVTEQ is the leading global provider of maps, traffic and location data enabling navigation, location-based services and mobile advertising around the world.

Press Statement

“About two years ago, Praxair made the decision to change its distribution methods in order to make them more efficient. The results are clear. By using NAVTEQ maps we managed to reduce mileage, thus generating less wear and tear in our vehicle fleet, minimizing the unit cost of distribution and enhancing client service,” said Alfredo Bourdieu, Manager of Praxair Packaged Operations Center for South LatAm. “We firmly believe technology investments and continuous map updates are an ongoing process that is helping achieve our business goals, which was all made possible thanks to the collaboration with NAVTEQ and Planifi-K.”

“NAVTEQ and Planifi-K are working together to provide companies with the most sophisticated technology in top-quality products. These solutions help companies such as Praxair optimize their operations, increase productivity and reduce costs,” said Helder de Azevedo, general director, Latin America Sales NAVTEQ.

 Press Statement courtesy: News Agencies


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