Air Liquide & Russia [Logika Acquisition]

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Russia is being known across the globe for the most unexplored business market in the world. Recent expansions in the Oil & Gas, from LNG front made Russian another hub as an emerging economy of the world.

Russia is quite popular as cold bear where saturation comes soon as weather turns out into wild. Reports say Russia would be coming up as modernized industrial production hub of infrastructure in the years. Industrial gases also play the vital role in the growth of gases economy in Russia. Metal, Automobile, Welding, Fabrication & Food processing are the some segments, where industrial gases have segmental and marginal markets. Medical Gases & Electronics are the other attractive markets in the Russian economy. Manufacturing accounts 15% of Russian population & Moscow is the new potential hub.

Air Liquide Sees Russia as Futuristic Market………….. 

Air Liquid is one of the alien firm that made huge investments in the Kremlin nation. Just now, company has completed the acquisition of 75% shares of Logika, a local industrial gas company in the Moscow. Logika deals with the market of bulk & packages for industrial & medical markets. Even still 25% of the market in the hands of Ruselectronics, a group of State Corporation Rostechnologii. Company plans to invest in a new state-of-the-art Air Separation Unit,which will produce liquid oxygen and nitrogen, and in a new cylinder filling center. Deal sounds a key partnership step between Air Liquide and the State Corporation Rostechnologii.

Air Liquide in Russia

Air Liquide Russia is a leading supplier of industrial gases for industry, health and the environment and advanced engineering solutions. Since inception in 1989, company was primarily concerned with the sale of industrial gas production equipment. Today more than 500 employees supply products and services to over 1,000 Russian and international customers.

As company said earlier has already committed to invest more than 350 million in Russia. Apart from gases & innovations, Air Liquide also looks the best that air can offer to preserve life, staying true to its sustainable development approach.

 Press Statements 

Guy Salzgeber, Vice-President North and Central Europe and member of the Air Liquide Executive Committee, commented: “This partnership with a major industrial player will strengthen our position in Russia, especially in the Moscow area. It illustrates our strategy of focusing geographic expansion on key growth regions. This agreement is consistent with the Group’s long-term strategic development program in Russia, with investments of ?1 billion planned by 2015. Developing economies are one of the growth drivers of the Group.”

Alexey Alyoshin, First Deputy General Director of Rostechnologii, stated: “This partnership will create an opportunity to implement leading technologies in Russia, which are practiced by Air Liquide, the world leader in its field. It is an opportunity for Logika to reach a new technological level in short terms, which will meet the needs of State Corporation Rostechnologii of high quality industrial gases with mutual benefit.”

Visit Russian Cryogen Expo 2012  (Upcoming Conference in the region) 

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