Andhra Sugars Supplies Liquid Hydrogen to ISRO [India]


Andhra based sugar manufacturer has started supplying Liquid Hydrogen to Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). Liquid Hydrogen is a cryogenic fuel generally used as propellant in satellite & rocket launching.

Currently Liquid Hydrogen is used as propellant in the Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle GSLV by the Indian space agency.

Press Statement

According to reports in media, GSLV is planning to place bigger satellites in a stationary orbit. ISRO is testing its capabilities & efficiency in this arena. With this regard Liquid Hydrogen tanker was flagged off by Mr S. Ramakrishnan (Director – LPSC) and Mr P. Narendranath Chowdary, Joint Managing Director of Andhra Sugars from the Tanuku plant on 28th Jan. (News Courtesy: BusinessLine)

Andhra Sugar Ltd owner Mr Chowdary said, the company has set up a facility to liquefy hydrogen gas with the technical guidance from ISRO only. In ISRO’s satellite launch vehicle’s solid propellant is used in the first stage, liquid propellant in the second stage and cryogenic propellant in the third stage of GSLV. All these propellants are going to be manufactured by Andhra Sugars. Company’s supply to ISRO seems as part of its dedication towards indigenous technology potential demonstration.

Liquid Hydrogen is also known as rocket fuels because of its wide applications in space technology. Liquid hydrogen is also used as the fuel storage in an internal combustion engine or fuel cell. Along with usage, Liquid hydrogen too requires cryogenic storage technology as exceptional thermally insulated containers made for special handling & operations as common to all cryogenic fuels.


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