The Upcoming Era of Cold Fusion –Liquid Air ! [Mission Zero]

Over the trembling years of energy crisis, now every powerful nation whether developed or developing looking for an alternate solution to Crude & natural resources.

Either you burn crude oil or natural resources, at the end of the day you’re detraining fuel only for future. There is always question among Western & European markets for the optional sources of energy. Due to heavy R & D costings & all, no one yet go for such kind pilot projects. Now it time comes to take holistic decision whether to keep fueling us through natural resources or should we opt for another window also? To provide the perfect answers to all these uncertainties, there is hope of creating source as Liquid air. Dearman Engine Company is developing an engine that runs on Liquid Air (Gases).

Company called it as Cold Fusion technology which works as normal engine only. Here pistons get pushed up due to changing temperatures as rapidly exchange of air inside the cylinder. Liquid air is stored at -256 degrees Fahrenheit whereas engine pumps liquid air into the cylinder along with what Dearman calls a heat exchange fluid. Under this new experiment, the liquid air very quickly changes to a gaseous state as it reaches ambient temperature, expanding at the same time. During exhaust valves open, the only emission is air.

Courtesy: Dearman Engine Company

The concept still lags behind on the practical applications of whole project. It’s all using a temperature difference to power the engine is a feasible concept. According to The Dearman, unlike hydrogen or new battery technology, its engine relies on existing infrastructure and no out of the ordinary materials. Liquid air is never used as energy carrier but here it is being cooled to liquid state & carried to long distance from existing source in Vacuum insulated steel tanks.

Though in an insulated tank, liquid air is likely to gradually evaporate, just as liquid hydrogen does over time. Boil Off seems as a major hurdle for this project.

Currently Dearman engine is undergoing autonomous testing by Ricardo Engineering to review its possibility on practical scale. It’s an enhancement of Zero  Emission Technology that better protects & supports on environmental front too.


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