Praxair Releases 2011 Sales Breakdown [Facts & Figures]

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After Air Products early decline in the market, Praxair released results of the fourth & critical quarter. Sales in the fourth quarter were $2,796 million, up 7% from the prior-year quarter due to higher volumes and prices, partially offset by negative currency translation. Due to high pricing cum volumes Praxair reported the adjusted profit of $619 million was 10% above the prior quarter. Along with good growth rate, Praxair too carries poor backlog till 2014. Except backlog, everything is in the company’s favor. Year 2011 was marked as the record year for the signing the new projects for Praxair group worldwide.

Key Forecast & Support

  • Strong holding in worldwide markets, especially acquisition of North America Packaged Gases & ROC Kuwait
  • Sold performance in Merchant & Packages Gas Business
  • Gears to enter with big investments in Russian market (New Plant)
  • Positive outlook for Surface Technologies highlighted by company in 2012
  • North America became the Praxair major market with about 49 percent of worldwide

Regional Forecast

North America

  • Slow recovery in non-manufacturing segments like Food Processing & Electronics
  • Core sector kept the good hold & beneficial wing for the company
  • Packages gases observed as new market in Mexico

South America

  • Steel & Beverage industry grip boosted company’s’ growth in the region
  • Several new projects coming up in next few years


  • Mixed reactions due to economic crisis & Euro zone issues
  • Russia emerges as new market for the company
  • Italy & Spain (SIAD) losing markets (potential)


  • Massive backlogs in China, India & Korea
  • Electronics no more in swing for company
  • Strong & driving force for the company in future (ON SITE)

Surface Technologies

  • 2012 Optimistic Year for the company
  • European market didn’t support company anymore
  • Growth appears in Oil & Gas industry


Courtesy: Praxair Report

Global Trends Reported by Company

  • Energy – The Key Emerging Front for the company as Hydrogen evolution
  • Semiconductor – Due to poor pricing, market started depreciating
  • Chemicals – Regular growth rate across the globe except Europe
  • Metals – Sequential decline due to the markets of Europe & South America
  • Manufacturing – Strong but backlogs may spoil company’s future
  • Health Care – Stability remains there in the whole sector
  • Others – Steady Growth throughout the year

Read more in Praxair Report


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