EIGA Winter Workshop on Oxygen Safety Begins at Brussels

Courtesy: EIGA

In a mission to update and aware the key norms & rules behind Oxygen Safety, European Industrial Gas Associations organized two days workshop on “Oxygen Safety in the Industrial & Medical Supply Chain”. The motto behind this event is as part of EIGA regular initiatives to keep everyone mindful on Oxygen Safety as known as supportive to combustion.

The major Industrial & Medical gas players are participating in the event including Linde, Air Products, Air Liquide & Praxair. Apart from awareness, it also aims to acknowledge the critical issues of the safe production, distribution, handling and use of one of the industry’s oldest yet still fastest growing products – Oxygen.

Breaking News: “EIGA Workshop 2012 and EIGA Training Course are fully booked”

EIGA 2012 workshop at Brussels organized program with support of the leading gases providers, where function continues with mix events like plenary & parallel session between participants. Following themes are listed in the workshop

  • Application and safety challenges of oxygen from the perspective of producers, distributors and users,
  • Incidents and their causes and controls,
  • Design and material considerations, and
  • Safe operations,

Whereas three parallel sessions will be focused on the areas of:

  • Large production plants,
  • Cylinder filling plants, and the
  • Delivery and use of oxygen in the healthcare industry.

Apart from these focused session, workshop will also feature the thirty global speakers from industry. Key issues to be discussed as incidents involving oxygen in the industrial and medical gases industry activity and their impact.  It will also focus on how these incidents can be avoided through proper application of key controls, design considerations, safe plant operations and management systems.

The entire workshop has been designed in such a way that it would be benefited to a wide range of delegates including oxygen safety experts and those new to the industry, operations managers, medical and healthcare professionals, regulatory and government officers, customers and customer facing representatives. Along with workshop, organizers have also planned for Training course on Safety of Oxygen Systems.

For more details & updates on this event do visit: EIGA Website

If you’re planning to attend the workshop or training course, then do send us your photos & clips. We would be delighted to share your things to our esteemed readers on GasesSynopsis website. Email us at Info at Gasessynopsis dot com


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