Could Hydrogen Become Potential Transportation Fuel?


Since crude prices are no more in the hands of government or producers, as it hammered under a complicated pricing system? Therefore nobody knows whether we need to switch over for another fuel source in future or not, in between time is running too fast.

What else left? Nothing more than few options only. Above all these, Hydrogen has been the most talked fuel for coming generations. It’s still needed to stand on feasibility scale. In terms of R&D, Hydrogen flexibility at par compared to others. Question is here could hydrogen carry potential to be a transport fuel?

Hydrogen is no more than hot air gas, what cracks us only is the high combustible calorific value. Because of this figure, nobody wants to share bond with Hydrogen. Even thou Hydrogen has already received green status from UN on performance extent. According to figure cited by The Conversation in the blog post, Truck transportation deals with 25 percent usage in the global transportation sector. Along with this, it also became the one of the contributors of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. Blog mentioned the new technology developed at RMIT University has been posed as sustainable future fuel for freight industry. It was just statement as research still ongoing.

Being under threat zone, Transportation industry faces considerably high diesel pricing problem cum carbon taxes as fuel lead to violate environmental terms. Indirectly we’re leveraging into the ground of carbon emissions only. Currently the possible solution is the development of hydrogen fuel cells to replace traditional diesel engines in trucks. The challenges are more in the Hydrogen as electrolysis process effectiveness needs to clear litmus test.  A zero-emission solution of this kind (in both hydrogen production and consumption) could play a key role in addressing the environmental, economic and social factors that will manipulate the sustainability of the truck industry in the future.


Today electric or battery technology is getting more popular in the markets of Europe & Asia. But response is not as good as non effectiveness posing the problem here. Battery case has certain limitations as charging issues & speed limits. Future can’t move with solution which appears more in drawback custody than supportive one.

The best part is here that it gives chance to go & explore other resources as Hydrogen. In this regard, School of the Aerospace, Mechanical, and Manufacturing Engineering at RMIT, have recently developed Australia’s first model of a fuel cell truck running on hydrogen stored in metal hydride bottles on board the truck.  The truck is made of in-built wireless & data acquisition system that works & defines truck’s performance index. By measuring the performance of the model under pre-defined dynamic loads and scaling up the results using purposely developed mathematical models, the overall performance of a full-scale hydrogen fuel cell truck can be replicated and predicted.

Apart from the regular R & D exercises, report also ruled about the technology which could create perception among users to move ahead. Configuring mindset is bit tougher job than a machine. Hydrogen stands similar role as other fuels in combustion performance on today’s period. User friendly is the only reason for uneven approach.

We don’t hesitate to put question….. Are we really so closer to create a greener truck? 


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