BOC Joins European Union CCS Alliance

Courtesy: BOC Website

Linde BOC along with the three of the largest engineering firms in the UK has announced to work jointly on a flagship carbon capture and storage (CCS) demonstration project.

BOC UK with Alstom & Drax will develop 426MW oxy-fired carbon capture and storage (CCS) at Drax’s existing site in Selby, North Yorkshire. BOC is expected to provide Air Separation technology to the project from his parent company Linde Group. As per reports, BOC was selected following a tender competitive-bidding process and brings world-leading technology in the field of air separation, complementary plant engineering and integration capabilities from its parent The Linde Group to the project.According to media & CCS team, the project will link into the Humber Cluster CO2 transport and off-shore storage network at this time under development by National Grid. The partnership aim is to represent Europe’s strongest-ever industrial alliance to fast-track the commercialization of CCS technologies. The project backs support on the same lines from European Union also.

 Press Statement

“We are confident that the combination of major industrial players now assembled has what’s needed to take CCS from pilot scale to full-scale operation, in what promises to be a flagship project for the UK, Europe and beyond,” said Stephen Burgin, Alstom’s UK president and Peter Emery, Drax’s production director, in the media statement.

Mike Huggon, Managing Director of BOC added: “We are excited to be joining this key project at such a critical time for clean energy technologies and look forward to seeing the benefits to the environment and UK economy that CCS will bring.

New project promises to capture emissions from industrial facilities in the north east and transport them for storage in undersea geological formations. This new concept will also give opportunities to other major industrial players to take CCS as pilot project to full scale. More or less it basically aims to support private sector investors and EU Member States to invest in commercial low-carbon demonstration projects.

NER 300 is the world’s largest demonstration programme for low-carbon technologies and is named after its funding source, which will be the sale proceeds of 300 million emission allowances held in the New Entrants Reserve (NER) of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). (Courtesy: BOC ONLINE)


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