Linde Group Reveals Revolutionary Gas Cylinder named “GENIE”

Courtesy: Linde Website

In a major boost to the market of Compressed Gases Industry, Linde Gases the sub –division of Linde Group introduced a new GENIE – Revolutionary gas cylinder.

Traditional the most advanced gas cylinder is an ideal example of technological revolution in the Linde AG. According to Linde sources, GENIE the new cylinder will be available across the European market in 2012.

GENIE is basically developed for low volume mobile gas users. It has unique applications in today’s compressed gases market which speaks about its effective design & engineering.

Press Statement

Steve Penn, Global Head, Merchant and Packaged Gases, Linde Gases Division

“Before the introduction of GENIE®, customers have had limited options when sourcing compressed gas cylinders and due to their size and weight, traditional cylinders have demanded that customers adapt to them rather than cylinders adapting to their needs”, said Steve Penn.

 “Linde plays a pioneering role in compressed gases industry and we are constantly innovating in order to provide customers with the most efficient and effective solutions to meet their gas handling needs. For customers requiring real gas cylinder mobility, GENIE® also provides the ease of customer experience and safety enhancement they are seeking.”

Key Attractive Features of GENIE

  • Highly reliable for Low Volume Applications
  • The best in giving cleaner cum portable solutions
  • User friendly design cum engineering
  • Lighter Weight & logically well assembled
  • Wide range of applications in modern markets (From Laboratory to Fabrications Shops)
  • Constructed with recyclable High Density Polyethylene
  • Designed to reduce fuel consumption and emissions during deliveries.

Few Interesting Applications

  • Research & Laboratory
  • Welding Shops (Repairing & Fabrications)
  • HVAC usages
  • Well equipped with transformation technology that makes it applicable for hospitals & SMEs
  • Local applications in constructions, manufacturing

As per company, GENIE® gas packages come in a range of pressures, including a greater volume 300 bar version which has 30 percent more capacity than its standard 200 bar steel counterpart. GENIE® also comes in three sizes suitable for different gases and mixtures including argon, shielding gases, nitrogen, helium, carbon dioxide (CO2), refrigerants and liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

GENIE® is also offered with unique built-in, user-friendly intelligence, providing the user not only with information on contents, but usefully converting scientific units into meaningful measurements in relation to the users’ specific task – for example, for a cylinder containing argon, how many minutes of welding time are left, or for one containing helium, how many balloons can be filled. All data is communicated by an integrated digital display and provides the user with increased accuracy for their gas application.

International market needs to wait for company’s announcement for the launch, since presently it is made only for Europe.

 Read More : Linde’s Official Press Release


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