BV Grants Approval on LNG-Powered Ultra-Large Containership


World’s leading certification & engineering investigation society, Bureau Veritas has given green signal to the basis design proposed for LNG powered Ultra-large containership. The approval came for the fundamental design submitted for 14,000 teu containership. This design was submitted jointly by Korea’s Dawoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Company. Entire vessel will be power-driven by an ME-GI (MAN Electronic – Gas Injection) 2-stroke dual fuel engine made by MAN Diesel. The best part of design is that it actually minimizes Carbon emissions & increases overall efficiency.

Technical Specifications

  • Basic design is for vessel 365.5 m loa with a design draft of 14 m & design speed of 24 knots
  • Dual fuel configured as 22,490 cu m LNG prismatic tank installed under the forward accommodation
  • Another bunker tank for heavy fuel oil aft of 4,430 cu m capacity
  • LNG tank would be a Daewoo patent ACT-IB Aluminium Cargo Tank – IMO type B independent LNG tank with PUF(Poly-Urethane Foam) panel type insulation

Courtesy: Marine Reporter

As per design & engineering, Tank delivers the maximum efficiency among open-propulsion systems and can work simultaneous burning of HFO and LNG. It stands perfectly with environmental regulations & providing in general CO2 emission reductions in the order of 23 per cent and SOX reductions of 92 per cent

Press Statement

“The market will determine when these ships can be ordered and built, but this is a real milestone as for the first time we have a fully worked and approved design for a main line ultra-large containership running on LNG. After an in-depth HAZID analysis we can say with confidence that there are no technical or safety barriers to introducing LNG as a fuel for long-haul large containerships. Major operational savings are deliverable, combined with very much lower air emissions. And the key feature of this design is that the vessel can also run on HFO if required, increasing flexibility in the period before LNG bunkering is widely available”, said Jean-Francois Segretain, deputy technical director, Bureau Veritas,

Extra capital costing is still a critical issue for the markers as per fuelling & handling body. But comparatively its quite economical as per design initial construction.

 News Courtesy: Marine Reporter


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