Praxair Deer Park Air Separation Plant Completes 50 Years

Courtesy: DeerParkNews.Com

One of the oldest Air Separation Plant in America celebrated its 50th Anniversary day before yesterday. On this golden jubilee occasion, the  Praxair group celebrated this whole event by organizing company’s an Open house & Plant tour within campus.

Currently plant produces three major elements nitrogen, oxygen and argon – purifies them and delivers them to its Gulf Coast clients through pipeline & trucks. Praxair INC is the largest Industrial Gases company in the Pan American continent. 

Plant has a very decent past along with developments in the history of Air Separation Plants & technology. Plant was exactly started on Jan 22 1962 with just 35 employees & contractors. Earlier the company was called the Linde Division of Union Carbide, which built North America’s first commercial cryogenic oxygen plant in 1907 in Buffalo, N.Y. In those years, Linde was developing the world’s air separation technology in the German industrial estate with had patented in 1895 itself. In 1992, the plant received its new identity under Praxair INC, which offers wide variety of gases & technologies in the nearby areas in different industries.

The Linde business traces its roots back to the air separation technology of German industrialist Dr. Karl von Linde, who patented his air liquefaction process in 1895.

Press Statement

 “We are proud to celebrate 50 years in Deer Park,” said Joe Abdoo, vice president of Praxair’s central region based in Houston and Chicago. “And even more proud of the employees who have safely operated this plan and consistently delivered product to the Gulf Coast region. They exemplify the culture of safety and reliability that contributes to our success and to sustainable growth throughout the region.”

The Deer Park plant covers more than 16 acres and retains 85 full-time employees. Deer Park Plant stands for the technology that’s no strange in creating the world-class stand up & take notice.

Best Wishes to Praxair Group from Gases Synopsis Team 🙂

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