Jay Worley is Airgas New Strategic Pricing Vice President

Courtesy: Egansign.com

After sequential executives appointment from leading majors Linde, Praxair now it turns to Airgas, North America based largest Industrial Gas Company has yesterday announced new Vice President for company’s Strategic Pricing job. Mr. Jay Worley is the Airgas’ new Vice President Strategic Pricing. As per Airgas sources, Mr. Worley will officially report to Airgas Senior VP of Distribution Operation & Business Process Improvement. Earlier, Mr. Worley was also served as VP of Communication & Investor Relations for Airgas INC.In this new role, Mr. Worley carries overall 30 years of industry experience which will also help in his next assignment in the company as Strategic Pricing. He would play an responsible role for both developing and implementing practices that are consistent with the Company’s overall strategic direction and profitability goals. Worley has a BS degree in Accounting and an MBA from The University of Utah. In Airgas he held several positions in Sales, Human Resources & Communication departments.

Press Release

 During the official announcement, Senior VP (Distribution & Operations) mentioned this new step as, “This is a key new role at Airgas, requiring strong leadership qualities and a thorough understanding of our business so we can maximize the potential opportunity afforded by our SAP implementation.” He continued, “Jay possesses the strategic vision to lead the full pricing process from reviewing and planning to optimization, management, negotiation and execution. His ability to work effectively with our front line associates and senior management will prove valuable in the successful implementation of pricing tools and analytics and in working collaboratively across all facets of our organization.”


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