Linde Buys LNG Trucks to Strenghten Natural Gas Market


Linde Group, the worlds’ leading Industrial Gases Company has started strengthening its arms in the LNG segment too. According to company sources, Linde NA brought 20 LNG Fueled trucks to deepen group’ natural gas division. Last week, we reported the same news about FLNG model design from Linde Engineering scope. LNG is Liquefied Natural Gas, which has same & similar properties like Cryogenics storage vessels. Because of similarity in technological storage, major industrial gases companies also taking interested in this versatile market.

Linde Engineering is the world’s best cryo-engineering services company, especially in building ASUs & designing. Here again the company would be thinking to carry forward the same approach in this market also. News say the trucks are expected to get ready by year 2013, will account for 20 percent of Linde’s 2012 tractor purchases and will be integrated into Linde’s fleet of 700-plus trucks carrying cryogenic gases to customers throughout North America region. Company sources believe as this market is quite volatile as crude price decides the next level of expansion, so it may go ahead with experimental set ups in the North American region. Linde has brought its cryogenic proficiency to widen the merchant LNG market by building plants at diverse commercial scales to produce LNG from virtually any methane source.

Press Statement

“Linde is now becoming a bigger LNG customer ourselves. It’s testament to our belief in the benefits of LNG and our commitment to be a leader in this industry,” said Earl Lawson, vice president, energy solutions for Linde North America. The project delivered several key benefits. Not only did the pilot project help Linde save money on fuel, but it reduced Linde’s carbon footprint, since natural gas burns more cleanly than diesel, yielding between 20 and 30 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions. “Reducing emissions is a key factor for Linde, since we have a large truck fleet and we are committed to adopting solutions that support sustainability,” Lawson said. “One of LNG’s main benefits is that the natural gas used in the U.S. is produced domestically, which also creates domestic jobs,” Lawson said. (Courtesy: Market Watch)

As mentioned pilot project outgrowth, Linde’s will effectively test the trucks capability across the North American customers. Its success will let Linde to move ahead with further plans for LNG market & Expansion.


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