India’s Largest LNG Customer Station Goes Online

India’s largest LNG customer station at the premises of Hindustan National Glass was yesterday formally inaugurated and integrated to glass bottle manufacturing program by district collector Hon’ble Mr.  P.Velarasu in presence of distinguished guests  from Indian Oil Corporation and local Industry.

The facility consists of 4×100 000 litre vacuum insulated LNG storage tanks, 3x3000NM3/Hour capacity LNG vaporizer, Fully automated PLC based automated safety and operating console ,interconnecting cryogenic piping ,twin centrifugal  pumps for efficient LNG decanting from transport tankers and a comprehensive safety mechanism.

The complete project was executed by Chart Industries USA on a turnkey basis in collaboration with Shell-N-Tube (Charts exclusive service provider in India) .While Chart provided the complete engineering and equipment for the LNG station; It was Shell-n-tubes responsibility to supply the vaporizers, interconnecting pipework and system integration. 2nos LNG tanks were also procured from cryogenic division of Indian Oil Corporation to meet the project requirements.

This is the fourth LNG customer station in the country of similar nature other three being located at HR Johnson Bangalore ,Schott  Glass near Vadodara, Sterelite Industries at Silvassa.All these were projects have been jointly implemented By Chart Inc USA and Shell-N-Tube India  and operating successfully.

The LNG will be supplied by Indian Oil Corporation from their Dahej facility through a fleet of vacuum insulated transport tankers direct to the premises of Hindustan National Glass. The LNG is expected to substantially reduce the use of Propane and Furnace oil during Glass bottle production at Hindustan National Glass apart from being more environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Natural gas is fast emerging as the preferred hydrocarbon fuel due to its clean environment friendly benign nature, greater energy efficiency and cost effectiveness.

“Technology is allowing us to make better use of natural gas. Technology is also helping us to get at all reserves of national gas that cannot be easily reached by pipeline. Today we are able to super cool natural gas into liquid form so it can be transported by tankers and stored more easily” –George W Bush .This nicely summarizes the advantages of LNG in industrial use and indicates a growing number of such installations coming up in India in near future to meet the growing energy needs.


This news post is written by Mr. Shankar Ghosh of Shell N Tube, India.  Mr. Ghosh is founder director of Shell-N-Tube based at Pune.

Shell N Tube is one of the leading company in India, offers a wide variety of Cryogenic products. Check more info at Shell N Tube official website ~ You can also reach or connect to Mr. Ghosh at Facebook


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