UKH2Mobility Concept To Enhance Hydrogen Driven Economy in UK


UKH2Mobility Concept To Enhance Hydrogen Driven Economy in UK To boost the Hydrogen market in Europe and especially at Britain, Royal Society brought UKH2Mobility concept across the country. The project is aimed to bring together efforts between UK government, European Fuel Cells & Consortium of companies who’re interested to collaborate in this project. During launch ceremony, all participants have signed a MOU to share knowledge & expertise to strength the mobility. Consortium of companies contains most the worldwide gas majors who’ve undertaken projects in Hydrogen Technology. In the early phase of developments, company will go ahead with initial investigation to understand the potential markets of Hydrogen as a fuel for ultra-low carbon vehicles in the UK. The summary of report would be published later in the year, to project further strategies & facilities for upcoming Hydrogen Infrastructure in the region.

Key Statements made during launch event

 “The UK is proving itself to be a key early market for ultra-low emission vehicles with growing numbers of electric and plug-in hybrids appearing on our roads. The Government is supporting this market by investing 400million to support the development, demonstration and deployment of low and ultra-low emission vehicles. UKH2Mobility will bring together industry expertise to establish the UK as a serious global player in the manufacture and use of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles and the supporting infrastructure.” ~ Mark Prisk, Minister for Business & Enterprise UK Govt

Kevin Michaelis, Regional Vice President, Liquid Bulk/Generated Gases – Air Products Europe commented: “This project brings together the leading hydrogen infrastructure providers, at the forefront of deployment worldwide, with the common goal of supporting the rollout of hydrogen transport across the United Kingdom. Working together with Government and leading car manufacturers we can support the creation of a hydrogen transport infrastructure that will dramatically cut harmful vehicle emissions and move the UK towards a zero carbon transport system.”

Jerry Hardcastle, Vice-President Vehicle Design & Development at Nissan UK added: “This is an important step for the automotive sector towards the development of clean vehicle technologies and zero emission mobility. It will lay many of the foundations for the commercial deployment of hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles which could represent a large segment of the UK market in the coming years. With this comprehensive list of partners we can be assured to have all the knowledge necessary to make UKH2 Mobility an exhaustive and credible study.” “

UKH2Mobility is a ground-breaking industry led task force. Its job is to roll its sleeves up and ensure that the UK is well positioned for the commercial roll-out of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles from 2014/15 as part of a balanced portfolio of drivetrains. Fuel cell vehicles, storage and refuelling technology are here today, they work! We now need to look at how we can make these elements, together with the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure, work most effectively to enable the UK to take full advantage of hydrogen as a transport fuel; stimulating inward investment, GDP growth and securing and creating new jobs” ~ Henri Winand, Chief Executive Officer, Intelligent Energy

Industrial MoU signatories (with links):

  • Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy, SA
  • Air Products plc.
  • Daimler AG
  • Hyundai Motor Company
  • Intelligent Energy Limited
  • ITM Power plc.
  • Johnson Matthey Fuel Cells
  • Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited
  • Scottish and Southern Energy plc.
  • Tata Motors European Technical Centre plc.
  • The BOC Group Limited
  • Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Vauxhall Motors

UK Government participants: The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) The Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC) The Department for Transport (DfT) UKH2Mobility concept is totally open to new members, so if you think your company can contribute to this new hydrogen infrastructure project in the UK or just interested to join then simply contact The Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) Department for Transport (DfT), Email

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