Gases Synopsis Joins “Stop-Censorship” Motion

Gases Synopsis Supports Anti-Sponsorship Motion !

In the recent move by the US Congress, Govt  is going to introduce the new Anti-Piracy Law. The newly proposed Anti-Piracy is against Freedom of Speech that will destabilize the FREE & EQUALITY in the knowledge pool at Internet. Legislation could fatally damage the image of Free & Digital media learning.

Regard to this campaign, Wikipedia & other Services have called for worldwide System Blackout to promote & create awareness among public against the most critical law.

We support the campaign! Stop Censorship Ribbon at our website is our immediate reply to this noble motion! “A War against Censorship”! This Unrealistic  Approach May Hamper Knowledge 😦 Gases Community no more in favor of this disgusting Law ! Join Protest at WordPress  & Add ribbon to your Site……..

Editor, Gases Synopsis (On behalf of Worldwide Gases Fraternity)