Liquid Oxygen Market Starts Declining in Japan [Medical]

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In the prospective markets of Industrial Gases, Medical Oxygen seems to be on top list after the Industrial & local purposes. The sure-short reason here is the rising demands from the hospital/medical industry in our day to day life but in Japan something happened just opposite ! As forecast came from Japanese market patients undergoing home oxygen therapy is increased a ton in FY 2010. According to Gas Review report, in FY2010 the numbers of patients are increased by around 3000 people over FY2009 but number of patients using concentrators much more than liquid oxygen.

Report highlights survey performed by the Japan Industrial and Medical Gases Association (JIMGA), the number of patients using oxygen concentrators has increased – while the number of patients using liquid oxygen supply equipment and installed oxygen cylinders has decreased.(Courtesy Gas Review)

Oxygen concentrator is a device providing oxygen therapy to a patient substantially at higher concentrations than available in ambient air. Most advanced technology is quite safer, less expensive and more convenient alternative to tanks of compressed oxygen. Oxygen concentrators are also used to supply an inexpensive source of oxygen in industrial processes. Liquid Oxygen is one of the physical forms of elemental oxygen. Liquid oxygen is also a strong oxidizing agent: organic materials will burn rapidly and energetically in liquid oxygen.

Today the ratio of patients using liquid oxygen supply equipment in Japan is expected to reduce even further from the current 4% level.

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