Air Liquide Forms Venture to Boost Fluorine Gas Business


France based Industrial Gas major; Air Liquide group has formed a new venture with Solvay to tap the potential market of Fluorine gas business for the fastest emerging electronics segment. The partnership is specially made to attend the demands of Hi-tech industries globally. Today On-site fluorine production is being considered as the best possible method to cut the greenhouse gas emissions as well as to boost the productivity overall.Announcement just came through Press Release from Air Liquide group, in which Solvay and Air Liquide entered into mutual agreement to form a worldwide fluorine gas business joint venture. This new venture will build, own and operate modular on-site fluorine cleaning gas units for the flat panel display and silicon thin-film photo-voltaic industries. Fluorine gas is a cleaning gas that has no global warming potential and enables the customers to increase their productivity. According to Air Liquide, in recent years, demand from the electronics industry for cleaning gases for large flat panel display and silicon thin-film photovoltaic manufacturing has grown drastically. To cater these huge demands, Air Liquide needs to undergo the type of modular operations.

The company has decided to widen its offer by offering an alternative to existing cleaning gases for its customers. Along with carrier, specialty gases & precursor the company will also supply fluorine cleaning gas solutions.

Press Statement

François Darchis, a member of Air Liquide’s Executive Committee, commented: “This new step will allow Air Liquide to expand its offer in this fast growing electronics market. Solvay brings its field-proven fluorine production technology and expertise. By developing this non-greenhouse cleaning solution alternative for our customers, Air Liquide reiterates its commitment to environmental preservation. High-Tech solutions and the Environment are two of the Air Liquide Group’s growth drivers.”

Vincent De Cuyper, Group General Manager of the Chemicals Sector and Member of the Executive Committee of Solvay said: “This partnership will help satisfy growing world demand for cleaning gases. The combination of market experience and knowhow from Air Liquide, the market leader in gases for the electronic industry, and Solvay’s proprietary breakthrough modular technology, will enable our partnership to offer significant economic benefits to its customers and bring at the same time advantages for the environment.”

Today, Fluorine will become an alternative to nitrogen trifluoride gas (NF3), which is a generally used cleaning application in this industry. It will be produced directly by large on-site facilities, offering a cost-effective and reliable approach to cleaning applications that will also allow customers to benefit from productivity enhancement. By joining hands with the Solvay Group in a worldwide joint venture, company will try to bring this offer to market, an undertaking that involves building, owning and operating the next generation of on-site fluorine solutions. Air Liquide global presence along with advanced and modern technology will support company to build strong relationship with Solvay’s that also carries 45 years of experience in running large-scale fluorine production. Entire partnership cum establishment is subjected to the authorization from the Govt & regulatory body.

Read More Air Liquide Press Release


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