AIIGMA Rocks -34th SIG at Atlantis the Palm Dubai [Guest Post]

AIIGMA Dubai 2012

AIIGMA  has come a long way for sure from the early days of scanty attendance and eye on economy to today’s opulent extravaganza  making the presence of Indian gas industry felt on foreign shores –an emphatic  statement on India’s growth story over last decade .

The 34th seminar on industrial gases was no different. From the venue –ATLANTIS to the fleet of stretch limos that were waiting to whisk away the delegates to their home for next few days on the virgin sands of gulf in to a lap of luxury and warmth . They say a job well begun is half done and the 34thSIG  did begun well and in style.

The journey to ATLANTIS was time to renew the bonds with old friends and make new ones as we glided by the impressive skyline of down town Dubai. Check-in was very well-organized with Karan and Saket at the gates of hotel taking care that everything does go smoothly and it did .Then it was time for a long hot bath and short nap while soaking in the  glorious vista of Dubai creek  just outside windows .

Atlantis the Palm - Dubai

The evening was time to network and have fun with friends and associates new and old. To the tune of lively music and fire eaters all around,under the open sky and  dessert stars  when old bonds were renewed and new ones forged. Business after all is nothing but relations and trust .

Next morning was time to get down to serious business of the conference  – to welcome the honoured guests of the land to AIIGMA fold and then get on with  deliberations discussions and presentations on a strict time bound manner.The Seminar gathered pace on Tuesday when a prestigious cohort gathered to launch the official programme. Chief Guest of Honor, His Excellency Shri M K Lokesh, the Indian President’s Ambassador joined Chief Guest, His Excellency Abdullah Ahmed Al Saleh, Ministry of Foreign Trade, alongside Saket Tiku, Vice President of AIIGMA, R S Sachdeva Vice President of AIIGMA and Karan Bhatia, President of AIIGMA on stage to officiate proceedings.

Cultural Evening @ AIIGMA Dubai 2012

Sanjeev Lamba of Linde made a to remember quote ““The world as we know it tomorrow will be very different. In particular we will see change on three horizons; the mega trends of growth markets, clean energy and healthcare.” He continued, “We estimate that over the next 20 years, up to 2030, we will see a whole new market opening up, the future really does lie here – with €35bn growth in the gas market alone.

Once the inaugural session was over, the technical sessions started in earnest. Several technical presentations are worth mentioning –The theme of this seminar was “growth in industrial gases through application technology”. And naturally most technical presentations expounded on these very theme. The presentations ranged from use of cryogenics and industrial gases in Indian space research program(Shankar Ghosh of Shell-N-Tube)to use of the same gases in oil exploration(SavirJulka of INOXCVA). Other participants highlighted the new additions to the list of equipment and their operating characteristics required for production and storage of industrial gases –like turbo expanders design and its effect on operating characteristics .

Inaugural Session ~ AIIGMA Dubai 2012

The first evening’s entertainment program helped the delegates relax a bit as popular Bollywood numbers were belted out one after another . Once again AIIGMA as a large family came together  and shared the fun together .

Next morning saw couple of very good presentations particularly the one on residual pressure valves (Rohit Behani of Teknovalves),Thermo syphon tanks operating advantages (Ravin Mirchandani  of Cryolor ) and impact of cost on high-end valve solutions (Keith Stewart) .

Mr. Shankar Ghosh (SNT) at Technical Session

The Best technical paper award was presented to Rohit Behani for his presentation on residual pressure valves a by the technical committee responsible for evaluation of the technical presentation based on preset evaluation criteria.

A Propitious Sunset @ Dubai

The last evening was time for the delegates to enjoy the hospitality of the desert with abandon and that included a round of dune bashing in 4 wheel drive vehicles, a spectacular sunset and an evening with traditional local music and dance.

At last AIIGMA 2012 ended with hopeful note to be Optimistic & Futuristic Outlook ahead 🙂 🙂

This post is written by the most honoured member of AIIGMA Mr. Shankar Ghosh.  Mr. Ghosh is also founder director of Shell-N-Tube named Cryogenics company based at Pune.

Shell N Tube is one of the leading company in India, offers a wide variety of Cryogenic products. Check more info at Shell N Tube official website ~ You can also reach or connect to Mr. Ghosh at Facebook


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