Air Products & MATGAS Join Hands to Scrutinize into Cryogenic Freezing


The leading Industrial Gases Company, Air Products took an initiative along with MATAGAS to fetch deep investigation into Cryogenic freezing. Company along with Polytechnic University of Valencia, led the project to demonstrate the advantages of this system of high quality cooling products. University also plans to take part in the upcoming conferences & seminars to promote the advantage of Cryogenic freezing research. Interested parties can learn more from the research about the freezer and dynamic process.

Cryo Freezing is a process where cells or whole tissues are conserved by cooling to low sub-zero temperatures, such as (usually) 77 K or −196 °C (the boiling point). Cryogenic Freezing serves plenty of experiences in the field of science such as Magnetic resonance imaging, cryobiology, Food & Processing, Cryo Feeding Labs & banks.

Press Release

The project intends to improve and develop the wide-ranging advantages of food freezing with liquid nitrogen, and other research programs. Freshline ® QS is a newly designed kind of cryogenic food freezer. It can be used to cool or freeze cryogenically a wide selection of foods such as meats, poultry, seafood, fruits and vegetables, pasta, dairy products, baked goods and prepared foods. With a unique & simple design, the new tunnel freezer is the best for small food processors volume, or for companies who want to start in the freezing of products with high quality but with a minimum initial cost. The first activity will be developed in research is to install the freezing tunnel Freshline ® QS in the Department of Food Technology of the UPV. The tunnel is part Freshline ® QS portfolio Freshline products range from Air Products, parent company of Air Products. Advances in cryogenic freezing research will provide a major improvement on the overall quality of frozen food products. In addition to those research programs will be organized visits to the area of food processors to see running the freezer and how to observe the benefits of cryogenic freezing. The freezing tunnel will be available to companies wishing to bring their products to test them and see if the freezing tunnel is suitable for their products.

“We are very pleased with the signing of the agreement and the implementation of this research with the Polytechnic University of Valencia, of great prestige in this field, “said Lourdes Vega, director of R & D for Air Products. “This project is an example of how Air Products supports the evolution of the areas of freezing and preserving foods. We are excited about the opportunities that the results of this work will bring to market,” concluded Lourdes Vega. “For the Department of Food Technology, working with a company in the industry as Air Products and Centre of Excellence MATGAS is a great opportunity to improve our projection in the business sector and the development of activities and projects mutually benefit us, “said Jose Manuel Barat, Professor of Food Technology and project manager at the UPV.

 Courtesy: Air Products


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