Prospective Applications Hold the Future of Industry – AIIGMA Dubai


2011 was the truly year of experiments for Indian gases industry, began with embarking growth rate in the region & ended with lucrative futures for upcoming industry. The country which seems as promising potential for Gases Industry has been finished with declining rates & affected performance. Surprising? But as said, optimism always the source of ignition in the industry, this time too remains a perfect stage for whole economy. AIIGMA 2012 Dubai conference is the recent example of igniting future of the fastest growing Eastern economy.

At the beach front of Dubai’ most lovable place Atlantis the Palm, the event took off with registration & Cocktail party. Entire events were completely hosted & Sponsored by the leading companies of India. Palm was ready to serve its customers with the vision to flock the theme of evening. Morning, the key session was inaugurated & presided by India’s ambassador to UAE Mr. M K Lokesh along with the presence of high-profile ministers from UAE government & AIIGMA board members. The session headed with the presence of over 350 delegates from the whole world as maximum from the Indian gases industry.

Session moved ahead with remarking speech by Linde Group board executive member Mr. Sanjiv Lamba. His thoughts were so inspiring & provoking that even forced presentators to correct the values & opinions. He has thrown the direct question to everyone over the spontaneous market growth in next two decades. Journey started from the West, booming with East where the future actually lies, Mr. Lamba mentioned in his presentation. He bombarded the major trends with positive signals across the economy path forward sectors such as Clean Energy & Healthcare industry. His remarks might be reflected recent news where Linde’ planned to acquire the Air Products Healthcare Business of billion dollars. obviously he was quite thorough with his fundamentals that why entire emphasis went more on Asian markets, the upcoming future for western economy. Being an Indian, he too realizes the challenges along with dream & Vision of 2030.

Further he minuted the whole discussion into LNG & clean energy streamline future when he entered into the discussion of LNG future in Asia & global economy respond to LNG mobile markets, along with his counterpart  Mr. Michael Blondin of VRV Marketing Director Sales. As lunch was already over, session leaped into next generation issues & cold insights of engineering enhancements such ASU & turbo expanders.

Lamba puzzles might be kept screwing delegates but his straight forward thoughts & ideas were really admired by all the members seating over there. Abrasive challenges are not just for Linde but whole industry, with this note technical session presided by Mr. Shankar Ghosh of Shell N Tube. He went on with his presentation on Indian space program & involvement SNT on GEO synchronous mission.

After Lamba’s strokes & Ghosh appreciations, delegates were waiting for Cryostar Mr. Samuel Zouaghi. He just not only highlighted LNG future & similarity in LNG and cryogenic industry but also accepted the technical challenges faced due to similarity in the fundamentals. Next session was more technical as delegates‘re expecting few more announcements in the upcoming sessions. Final & concluding session was from the two leading competitor of worldwide equipment markets. Mr. Savir Julka from INOXCVA & Mr. Ravin Mirchandi of Cryolor Asia Pacific both brought few more new things for the industry, as applications to bottleneck of cylinder filling stations. The best part of Mr. Julka presentation, as upcoming field of Industrial gases new potential in the Oil & Gas industry whereas Mr. Mirchandi insight story was the toughest job of operations in Conventional & thermosiphon tanks.

What else left? Delicious deserts with Arabian night & Indian cultural theme, things were set to bring zeal throughout the event. Above all AIIGMA success came as triumphant seminar ending with new president of the association Mr. Saket Tiku. Wish Mr. Tiku presidency in future would add same spirit to AIIGMA efforts in bringing entire fraternity on same platform with new themes & challenges to cater.

Mr. Rohit Behani Technical paper was selected as the best paper of the event.

Key Sponsors & Hosts

9th Jan Events

  • Cocktail Start up hosted & Sponsored by Seva Gases
  • Cultural Program hosted & sponsored by Cryolor Asia-Pacific
  • Dinner by Everest Kanto Cylinder Limited

10th Jan Events

  • Lunch Hosted & Sponsored by Bhuruka Gases
  • Cocktail Cum Cultural Program followed by Dinner hosted & sponsored by Eurotech Cylinder Pvt Ltd

11th Jan Events

  • Lunch hosted & sponsored by INOX CVA & Ahmednagar Industrial Gases Pvt Ltd
  • Cocktail Party sponsored by Matheson K-Air
  • Final Dinner hosted & Sponsored by Luxfer Gas Cylinders & VRV Asia-Pacific


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