Cryoport Launches High-Volume Dry Shipping Container


Cryogenics is no more limited with bulky containers or ASUs only, now it has received brand new image from micro-mini containers technology. Cryobiology is the most advanced & recently the fastest developing technology in the cryogenic science. Cryobanks, Cryo containers, Dewars, & now high volume dry shipper container are someone of the major hits of cryogenic industry in the modern steel age.

To keep the picture in a motion, Worlds’ leading cold chain logistics services provider, CryoPort has introduced High Volume Dry Shipper container through the combination of purpose-built proprietary technologies and total turnkey management of the entire process. CryoPort Express® high-volume dry vapor liquid nitrogen shipper container can hold much larger shipments of cryogenically frozen biological materials.

CryoPort’s Container Special Features:

  • Comparatively high volume container
  • Well equipped Dry Vapor Technology
  • Endurance limit up to 150oC for 10 days
  • Reusable & Recyclable
  • Highly sustainable & Cost effective
  • Innovated technology to store Life Science materials (Cryobiology)
  • Plenty of applications in modern science (Frozen Chemistry)

Press Statement

“The CryoPort Express high-volume shipper creates new market opportunities by providing pharmaceutical companies, CROs and diagnostic labs the option of increasing the size of each shipment or shipping larger specimens,” said Larry Stambaugh, CryoPort’s chairman and chief executive officer.   “This new shipper was in response to demand by customers who were impressed with the performance of the CryoPort standard shipping container and were looking for the same capabilities when making larger shipments.  I’m very pleased with the effort and achievement of our design and manufacturing team in developing the high-volume dry shipper in a relatively short time frame.”

Currently company has started shipments of this new high-volume container  for preferred customers only who’d expressed the initial desire for this potential product.

Expanded Capacity Addresses Needs of Life Science Customers – CryoPort

Read more at Cryport Website


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