Breaking News: Saket Tiku is AIIGMA’s New President

Courtesy: AIIGMA Official Website

AIIGMA during ongoing 34th SIG Seminar Meet at Dubai, announced the New President of the body. Mr. Saket Tiku ex-Vice President & Director, Esteem Gases Pvt Ltd, has been selected as new president of AIIGMA.  Mr. Tiku was selected as the president just after the AIIGMA General meeting. Mr. Tikku had held several key positions in AIIGMA, as VP, Dynamic Secretary & led AIIGMA during Gasworld, Cryogen & major other Industrial Gases events across the globe.

The diploma award to Saket Tiku, Vice-President of the Association

Mr. Tiki @ Cryogen Expo Russia 2011 Courtesy: MireExpo Flickr


All India Industrial Gases Association management committee has president of two years tenure. Earlier Mr. Karan Bhatia of Uttam Gases was the President of AIIGMA. Mr. Bhatia was known as the youngest president of India’s biggest gases association.

It’s quite tough to make statement what went inside during the general meeting, but our correspondence at Dubai said there was huge fight over presidency since AIIGMA president usually selected as regional nos. Example, if currently is North then upcoming would be from South or West except North. Luckily west region person nominated & selected also.

We’re waiting to get press release from AIIGMA officials. Hopefully soon we would post more details about our upcoming President.

AIIGMA 34th Industrial Gases Seminar is over yesterday after the final meet & paper presentation. Mr. Rohit Behani awarded as the best technical paper presentation in the seminar. Mr. Behani’ paper was on Use of Residual Pressure Valves Challenges & Future in Indian Subcontinent. Mr. Behani’s is currently working as Executive (Manufacturing & Sales Dept) of Teckno valves.


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