AIIGMA Ready to Host 34th Industrial Gases Seminar at Dubai

After Gasworld Industrial Gases conference, Dubai is now again ready to host & invite the delegates from Indian & global Industrial gases fraternity to unite & converse another meet at AIIGMA 34th Seminar (All India Industrial Gases Manufacturers Association)….. To value, understand & enhance the growth rate of world’s fastest growing Gas economy ~ India.

Keep Reading the Updates & News at Gases Synopsis... Check the highlights,  Speakers list & many more things in this article…….

From official sources, it is expected that about 200 esteemed industrial gas professionals officially underway the summit at Atlantis the Palm Hotel in Dubai, UAE.  First ever Indian conference is going to be held in the Emirate of Dubai. It is being termed as the revolutionary platform for knowledge & understanding exchange to tackle the  growing & emerging industrial gas potential.


LNG from East & Hydrogen from West have created stiff situation in the unbalanced market. Since energy crisis does no longer exist in West only; China & India are too became the major victims of the shortfall of American & European markets. Uncertainty keeps wandering over the economic growth of the entire region. The best part is still about strong fundamentals & governmental hold, that reserved the region to have fertile & exciting future in the coming years also.


Courtesy: AIIGMA Website

Three days conference is being basically focused to let industry decide how to churn the fastest growing market of Industrial gases in India. Along with this, delegates have an opportunity to share, interact & discuss the business in the pairing session involving Indian & Middle East players.

The Theme

The theme of current Conference is “Bridging Boundaries”.  Tag Line says to enhance & enrich growth in Industrial Gases through  imminent Application Technology. The event’s theme encompasses a wide-ranging agenda that addresses all the major aspects of the industrial gas and equipment business. Lot more announcements & launch are also awaited due to the upcoming summit. It’s pretty interesting to understand the market response in this New Year as European economy still struggles to get away from recession pitches where crude pricing has almost lost the autonomy. Even metal index shows rise in the Steel prices in near future. Above all keen concern on declining Asian manufacturing market as undergoing the key losses during the last quarter & many more hot issues roaming throughout the conference.

Key Sessions involve  (Courtesy: AIIGMA)

  • Seminar (Indian Industrial Gases Market, Growth & Forecast)
  • Technical Paper Presentation
  • Exhibition
  • Pairing Session (B2B)
  • Cultural Program
  • Delegate Lunch & Dinner Party

Technical Issues to be discussed ……… (Below the event Pamphlet attached)

  • Global Industrial Gases – Journey to the East
  • Indian Cryogenics Industry & Growth Pattern
  • LNG – the emerging potential market
  • Industrial Gases – Offshore/Onshore Prospective
  • Bottleneck in Cylinder Filling Stations
  • Challenges in Indian Industrial Gases Market

Check out the list of Distinguished Speakers at AIIGMA Dubai Conference

Below Pic Courtesy: Uttam Air Products


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