Linde – Hyundai Reveals FLNG Design Model

World’s largest shipbuilder company, Hyundai has unveiled FLNG design model in association with Linde Engineering. German major, Linde AG successfully announced the completion of their floating concept, that will theoretically produce, liquefy, & off load natural gas directly to the carrier.


As it designed has a potential annual production capacity of 2.5 million tons of LNG and can store about 193,800m3 of LNG with a compact size of 355m long, 70m wide and 35m tall. According to model developed by Hyundai & Linde Engineers, it will take nearly 25% less time to construct entire liquefaction & storage plant. From design point of view, it appears quite lucrative in commercial terms.

Press Release

 “Hyundai FLNG has an efficient and economical production capability in that it just takes about 45 months to build. Considering the fact that the need for the development of stranded offshore gas fields is expected to be on the rise down the road, we will continue to step up our effort to win orders to build Hyundai FLNG,” said Mr. Kim Yoon-choon, senior vice president of Hyundai Heavy’s Offshore and Engineering Division who is the charge of the FLNG development project.

FLNG History

Earlier the world’s first FLNG model is developed by Shell group, which is located in offshore of Western Australia having capacity to produce nearly 3.6 million tons of LNG per year. Project is expected to commission by year 2017. Another same project is being bided by consortium of France Technip that has capacity of 1 million tons per annum.

FLNG is new & innovative concept, recently only developed & designed. Many international firms are thinking about this as Onshore model. It’s really attracting large no. of Oil & Gas players who’re in the field of Natural gas & explorations. Australia sets the model for whole world in the first FLNG project execution. On the lines of same model & design, many engineering & cryogenics equipment company have taken initiative to integrate their ideas in the world of technology cum innovations. FLNG itself plays a crucial role for upcoming energy crisis in majors terms of storage & transportations.


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