Linde Canada launches Portable Gas Detector Instrument

Courtesy: Linde' Official Website

Making another breakthrough in the technological segment, Linde Canada has introduced the new G-TECTA Line of portable gas detection instruments for Industrial purposes. The new instrument is highly sensitive to detect gases in confined spaces in industrial operations.                   

Portable gas is designed in such a way that it becomes quite easy to easy cum handle & provides maximum protection against any sort of hazardous conditions. It is specially designed to support those who work in confined spaces in industries such as construction area, welding plot, manufacturing big jobs, petrochemical & rigs.

Linde Canada the affiliate of Linde North America is a member of The Linde Group, a world-leading gases and engineering company. Linde group is recently in the news because of upcoming projects ASU in North America & Chinese hydrogen project. According to Linde Group strategy, entire team is geared towards long-term money-spinning growth and focuses on the expansion of its international business with forward-looking products and services.

About G-Tecta Gas Detector

The G-TECTA gas detectors are light and small enough to be affixed to a shirt or collar via an alligator clip. Facing instrument displays visual awareness of unsafe gas levels in confined spaces. In-built alarm systems for audible and visual detection of dangerous or risky conditions. The instruments are quite certified as worldwide leading & respected as well as areas where oxygen displacement could be a potential problem. Currently G-TECTA gas detectors are now available in all 70 Linde branches across Canada, are offered in single-gas or multi-gas options that can be calibrated to detect up to as many as 28 different gases.

Press Release

In operation, the worker simply turns the detector on during the time he or she is working. If the G-TECTA unit detects a hazardous environment, it alerts the employee via three of the major senses – touch, sound and sight – by vibrating, sounding an alarm and displaying a visual alarm. “This alarm repetition maximizes the effectiveness of the instrument and the safety of the worker,” said Christian Lafleur, area general manager- eastern region for LindeCanada. “We believe, initially, the most popular instruments will be those that detect carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and combustible gases,” said Lafleur. “As a global supplier of gases, Linde also provides the calibration gases required to ensure that all G-TECTA gas detector instruments are correctly calibrated. Instruments should also be function tested to verify sensor response before each day of use,” said Lafleur. “This enables workers to carry out their responsibilities secure in the knowledge that their safety is taken care of.”(Courtesy: Linde Canada)

As company’ statement proclaims, Linde is committed to technologies and products that unite the goals of customer value and sustainable development.

Image Source:,  News Courtesy: cisionwire


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