What Went Wrong with Australian CO2 Market?

What went wrong with Australian CO2 Market? In the season of amid heat wave, Australians are soon going to suffer through thirsty because of gigantic shortages of soft-drinks. Sudden disruption came in the market due to lack of supply of gases that uses soda as its froth. Companies like Coca-Cola & Schweppes are already losing sales; in near future others may also get affected.

Impulsive response in the market has brought the nations’ largest store owners of Sodas & mixers also into threatening mode. As Schweppes, the major manufacturer still undergoes labor dispute in the region. Other two leading processors & distributors of Australia, Linde BOC & Air Liquide SA have given the main priority to medical purposes, as inventory quite less & can’t shift focus from the priorities job due to labor issues , that’s why soft drink market needs to suffer & bear losses. Kooragang plant shutdown was also the key reason highlighted by Air Liquide spokesperson for the shortages.

CO2 & Industrial Gases

Summers are better to be known as the season of Soft Drinks & Winter popularity as Hard drinks or Chills. Soft drinks are quite popular across the globe because of some leading & major taste and flavor brands, like Pepsi & Coca Cola. In common soft drinks preparation, a huge amount of CO2 gas is used throughout the makers. CO2 gases are mainly provided by the Industrial & medical gases manufacturers, even the equipments where CO2 stored as stock is also produced by specific cryogenics engineering since CO2 boiling point is too about -57* (degree Celsius). Liquid CO2 has also constraint regarding storage as conversion of Dry Ice quite easy possible in this case.

Today CO2 is having wider applications in Food Processing industry, Oil industry & the chemical industry. As beverages, Carbon dioxide is used to produce effervescent soft drinks and soda water. Usually, the carbonation in beer and sparkling wine came about through natural fermentation process. Carbon dioxide is so reasonably priced and so harmless, that it finds many small uses that represent what might be called niche uses. Extreme cold turns CO2 into dry ice (solid in nature), primarily used as a cooling agent, Ice Cream manufacturers are the main customers in this sector.

Ironic….as one side CO2 is banned called & listed as Anti-Green gas (Greenhouse gases) whereas another side CO2 evolved as the primary supply with huge no of requirements. Whatever… CO2 is in our future everywhere.

News Source: Bloomberg, Image via fphoto.photoshelter.com


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