Industrial Gases Business Prospective Outlook across America in 2012

Today we stepped into a new year 2012, it embarks a new beginning with new thoughts & prospective. Economy seems undergoing up & down throughout the year whether due to crude prices or Euro zone crisis or Americans instability. Social-Political situations are almost changed across the globe as recovery appears but not in developing nations. China & India too surges decline in the global productivity index or GDP. Chinese & Japanese manufacturing segments still showing negatives sign of development post 2nd quarter.

But above all there is good news coming from Americans market that manufacturing segments will continue growing in the year 2012. According to a claim made by local US executive, uncertainty continues to bedevil the US economics in 2012.

Peter McCausland, chairman and chief executive of Airgas, a Radnor company that supplies industrial gases to a broad swath of the economy, has a 10-page list compiled by his sales force of new industrial plants being built in the United States. “This stands out in stark contrast to the last recession, which I like to say lasted from 1998 to 2002,” said McCausland, whose company turns 30 this year and endured its most difficult times during that industrial wipeout, driven partly by a massive shift of factories overseas. (Courtesy:

Citing some major projects in manufacturing segments, McCausland mentioned extreme growth rate from 10 specific segments including Energy & Utilities, Petrochemicals, Health Care, Metal Fabrication, and Food & Beverages. While making a political remark, he stated “the renaissance that is starting in U.S. manufacturing is going to become more and more evident as time goes on.”

According to him, Americans are deserved to be growing well compared to Eastern economies because massive jobs requirement in US along with fuel sustainability. In Eastern nations, labor cost significantly went up along with scarcity in the natural gas supplies. Hereby growing pattern would support American economy much better than others.

Through this resurgence in U.S. manufacturing has staying power, the dominance of modern Industrial gases industrial will be in positive mode in the coming years.

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