Oxygen – Past ! Nitrogen – Present ! Hydrogen – Future !

Hydrogen: THE FUTURE

The future is what we take it now as source for next world or generation. Over a decade Hydrogen was under hibernation mode but now it emerges as curative segment. Finally the time has come so that we can call hydrogen as source of energy of prospective future. Today Industrial gases are more or less utilized as requirement subject as storage or transportation purpose only. Hydrogen is being looked as potential outlook for coming generations. Hydrogen again comes in the picture when globe searches something as energy crisis permanent solution. Predominantly Hydrogen is the essential source of energy in the potential markets of natural gases.


Image Courtesy: EarthTimes.org

Source of Energy

No of Years to Last

Natural Gas






With industrialization & urbanization across the globe, energy demands are also increasing day by day. Just as estimation made on 1980, world energy consumption was increased at 37% whereas present no comparison. It was estimated that till 1999 worldwide consumption increased about 14% & figures rising on peak for current period.

India, Energy & Hydrogen

Rapid industrialization after 1999, the condition is become quite typical & complex. Energy consumption has grown too much from 197 million tons in 1971 to 480 million tons in 1999. With the massive demands of energy resources no economy can progress further. Something similar is happening in India also as crisis hovering across the nation for alternative source of energy. This is quite interesting whether Hydrogen would able to able to balance this growth or full the gaps. If not then what else, since others sources are almost censored by go green organizations. Hydrogen is the only prospective source of energy as in terms of green cum clean objectives. It has another advantage of renewable form as it is clean fuel & can be made from water which is again renewable source.

India is emerging as nation which depends equally on industries & agriculture. No more it only depends on agriculture for growth rate. Industrial growth rate accounts for the maximum rise in the GDP index. India’s manufacturing segment is energy intensive & lucrative. As maximum dependency on imported crude, India can’t serve the requirements of future with same pace of growth rate. Hydrogen could be a probable source of energy but technology aspects may gamble the whole potentiality. In spite of oil & gas discoveries, we’re still lagging behind in terms of energy security. The major concern here is about commercial viability as well as environmental friendly. Without investments in R&D sectors, we can’t escape the energy hollow sphere.

Pros & Cons of Hydrogen as Source of Energy

Hydrogen can be made by steam reforming of natural gas or electrolysis of water. It can stored in the derivative form as fuel cell.


  •        Pollution free & poses almost no problem to global warming
  •        Being the lightest, it has the best energy to weight ratio of any fuel
  •       Production possible anywhere
  •       Fuel Cell combination makes it more feasible & productive


  •       Highly reactive with Oxygen (Pure form of Hydrogen??)
  •       The methods of manufacturing involve huge amount of process engineering & energy
  •       No distribution method yet made for Hydrogen
  •       It is quite difficult to handle, store & transport because of hazardous in nature

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