Praxair Acquires Leading American Specialty Gas

Praxair Distribution INC, a subsidiary of Praxair, Inc. has acquired majority shares of leading “American Gas Group”, devoted supplier of specialty gases worldwide.

Companies Under AGG:

  • Specialty Gases of America, Inc.
  • American Specialty Gases Inc.
  • Semiconductor Resources, Inc.
  • Specialty Gases of America, LLC.

Press Release:

According to John Armelagos, one of the owners of AGG to the sale to Praxair, said, “Praxair is a perfect fit for our company and our two organizations complement each other. We have been working for several years to put this deal together. The tragic and untimely death of Ron Corns, AGG’s CEO, is a great loss for all of us. Ron was instrumental in developing and fostering the relationship with Praxair and was excited by the vision of what our two organizations could achieve together. We will greatly miss his leadership.”  “The addition of AGG to the Praxair network strengthens our Midwest specialty gas production capabilities and provides an important channel to support our distributor network,” said John Panikar, President of Praxair Distribution, Inc. “AGG has a world class facility, capable people and an extensive product offering to support growth. We are excited to have the American Gas Group employees on the Praxair team and look forward to sharing technology and best practices.”

AGG is being the largest independent specialty gas producers in North America region & offering different variety of specialty gases including EPA Protocols, hydrocarbons, VOC mixtures, reactive mixtures, high-purity chemicals and research-grade gases apart from industrial and medical gas products. Company’ annual sales is of $28m with 56 employees across the region.

Courtesy: Praxair


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