Praxair Blames Linde Group for Energy Loss[Legal]

Praxair blames Linde group & others for massive energy release at Motiva facility. According to news sources, hydrogen generation facility has filed legal suit against the manufacturers against defective equipment, & claiming huge losses in the form of energy release.

As per Praxair sources, energy release occurred in the collection manifold on Dec. 8, 2009, causing harm to entire manifold consisting a gas boiler, the facility’s electrical system and other equipment located in same manifold. In the press statement, Praxair blames Linde Boc Process Plants, Selas Fluid Processing Corp. and Willbros Downstream for the latest cause of the energy release. This happened just due to carelessly & failed to supply it with accurate safe operating temperatures.

Press Statement

According to the complaint filed Dec. 7 in Jefferson County District Court, an energy release occurred in the collection manifold, also referred to as a collection header or a transfer line. The energy release occurred due to the failure of an external carbon steel pipe of the collection manifold, the suit states.

Along with property damage issues, Praxair also lost the use of its facilities, profits sustained throughout & a diminished value and incurred increased operation costs because of the energy release. Since matter is still under court, now Praxair is seeking inquiry & other reliefs from the legal suit.

Courtesy: Texas Legal Journal, Image Source:


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