AP China Signs On-Site ASU Project with Shaanxi Group

Air Products China signed a contract to operate world’s biggest on-site ASU facilities in China. Company came under this long term contract with Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Co Ltd based company at China. According to contract terms, company will construct the largest on site air separation unit in the same province. This order has been marked as the largest on site ASU order ever awarded to any Industrial Gas Company.


It is located in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, China, will comprise multiple ASU trains and produce nearly 12,000 tons per day (TPD) of oxygen and considerable tonnage volumes of nitrogen and compressed dry air for Shaanxi’s coal chemical plant. ASU trains are commenced the operation by year 2014.

Press Release

 “We are honored to have reached this milestone and to supply this very large industrial gas demand for Shaanxi Future Energy Chemical Company. We believe our worldwide track record of industrial gas facility safety and production reliability was important to gaining this long-term contract. Winning this new order allows Air Products to supply two important customers, both located in Shaanxi Province, from the two largest ASU train orders ever awarded to an industrial gas company,” said Steve Jones, Air Products’ China president.

Along with this new on site ASU, company is already working on similar type of project which is scheduled to be ready in mid-2013 in Weinan, Shaanxi Province, China. This facility includes three ASU trains producing over 8,200 TPD of oxygen, over 3,100 TPD of nitrogen, and over 375 TPD of compressed dry air, along with producing liquid products for the merchant market.

Air Products latest technology advancements and other productivity improvements support overall sustainability goals of reducing energy consumption and emissions. As per sources, Company has worked out to develop the entire project in the lowest cost with newest advanced technology ASU facilities to serve our customers with energy efficiencies that benefit their operations and the environment.

Shaanxi Future Energy Company also welcomed the Air Products initiative & technology based this project. Shaanxi Future Energy is jointly-owned by YanKuang Coal Group (50%), Yanzhou Coal Co., Ltd. (25%) and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group (25%). These latest investments will help AP to grow their markets in the emerging economies of Asia especially China, India & Japan. AP has strong technological background with over 40 operating entities, 50 production facilities & over 2,000 employees.

News Courtesy: AIR PRODUCTS, Image Source: AP Website


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