Air Liquide Speciality Gases Introduces Zero Air Material


Industrial Gases Czar Air Liquide Group has clinched out another technological segment by introducing the Zero Air Material for Acid Rain CEMS reporting. Air Liquide (France) has discovered Scott™ brand 72.2 Certified ZAM™ zero air material to meet 40 CFR Part 75 regulations. Sources say CEM system is to be bared to “zero air material” during testing protocols. The purpose here is to get qualified within the accuracy of the instrument.

As per rulebook, Part 75.21 defines that calibration gases used for this principle must meet the definitions of 40 CFR Part 72.2. Earlier there was confusion as CEMS systems users deliberately using standard EPA protocol that hardly able to satisfy the EPA’s acid rain requirements. Here Air Liquide has breakthrough in solving subject along with maintaining the standard regulations. It is quite regulatory compliance as well cost-effective in terms of Zero Air Material as per EPA set of rules.

Scott brand 72.2 Certified ZAM air is engineered to meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Scott Certified ZAM nitrogen is practical in that some CEMS users prefer to use nitrogen to zero their instruments though nitrogen still must meet the contamination requirements of “zero air material.”

Read More Online: Air Liquide  


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